Reimagining the home of the world’s largest digital festival in gaming and esports.


Dreamhack is the largest digital festival in the world and have championed and cultivated competitive gaming for decades. With that in mind they have diversified and grown from Sweden to Europe, North America and beyond. With its growth and countless events they have struggled to keep pace with their web offering. We love Dreamhack and everything they do and felt that we could help to realise a better online experience for their event hubs and ticketing services.

Our Aim

Our vision for a new Dreamhack website was to focus on creating a portal to the company's growing content and events while keeping the brand and theme of the original Dreamhack intact. With the homepage housing the most recent and upcoming events, our aim was to simplify and declutter whilst giving the user all the information they needed and making the content easy to digest and navigate.

End Result

We created a fresh take on experiencing Dreamhack's events whilst keeping true to their existing design and brand values. Our objective was to produce a more structured design that allowed users easier access to find information, ticketing and coverage for their upcoming events.

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